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Imagine that one day every aspect of our environment will be visually stimulating and energizing, increasing joy and overall well-being of both businesses and individuals alike. All who dare to live with eyes wide open will continually be amazed and awe struck by what lies before them. That’s our vision. We dare to dream big. In the process, we’re helping clients to dream big too!

Our mission is to create graphic design materials that get you noticed. We’ve got clients in all sizes with different needs, and we can manage your project from start to completion. Looking for marketing materials for print, web, or social media? We’ve got you covered! With over 24 years experience, we know what it takes to hit your target.

When asked why they chose us for their design project, a client once compared us to a color. That color was fuchsia, a bright and energetic color. The use of color to generate energy is visible throughout our portfolio of work. Browse our portfolio, get energized, and start creating with us!

Annie Oakley
President/Creative Director

Annie received her degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1987, graduating first in her class. Her combined experience in advertising and commercial art totals more than 30 years. She has worked in production and marketing/design departments for companies such as Al Paul Lefton Advertising, the Marriott Corporation and GE Information Services, Inc. Over the years, Annie has also received several awards for her creativity. In her spare time she enjoys painting on many different surfaces, building her own furniture creations, designing jewelry, quilting and anything else her creative mind dreams up.